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Kylea Harvey

-Virtual Assistant

Hiring me as your VA isn't so much about what I do -
But more how you FEEL not having to do it!!

"Beyond Tasks,
I Deliver Emotional Liberation"!!!

Meet Kylea

Hey there,

I’m Kylea (pronounced Kylie but with a fancy spelling inspired by the side of a ‘Dairy Lea’ butter truck. Seriously, I couldn’t make that kind of fancy up)

Based in the South West of WA, I'm a dedicated support system for the coaches, creatives & heart led business owners of the world.  

Whether it be from my home office, or on the road in Beryl (the bus), I'm here to navigate the road of entrepreneurship alongside you.  Picture me as your business bestie, confidante and number one cheerleader, keeping you organised, championing your objectives, celebrating wins and tackling obstacles - all while you focus on what truly matters.


I'm here to free up your time & energy so you can spend more of it ON your business, not IN it.
By delegating those routine time-consuming tasks, handballing the nitty-gritty details, the scheduling headaches, and the organisational challenges, you'll be liberated to focus on the bigger picture - mapping out the trajectory of your biz, envisioning its growth and implementing strategies for success.  BOOM!!!

Or... maybe just go get yourself a massage, hang with your fam or take a nap!!! 🧡


But wait... There's more!!
I'm not just a VA, I'm also a Photographer

My passion for photography is based on all things 'Real life in Photographs'.  Capturing the raw, real, 'in the moment' authentic version of life.  The little details and intricacies you might think go unnoticed. 

Bunbury based but with a #havebuswilltravel mantra *

* Travel fee may apply

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Collaborating with Kylea has been a joy. Her alchemy is the combination of being fun & creative but 100% professional. She’s intuitive yet practical, kind yet direct; collaborative, but will guide you in the right direction. I’m delighted with my website.

Erin - Late Flower Art

You are the bomb Kylea. You have only been in our business for a little while and Golly Gosh you are already having a HUGE positive impact on the quality of my life xo

Tanya - Kitto Ag

Thankyou so much for your support.  I can't tell you how liberating it feels to have you involved in this capacity - It's so nourishing for me.

Rachel - Sean Reefman Photography

Kylea Harvey is a virtual, practical and operational powerhouse.

Before Kylea waved her magic wand over my business it ran for a decade on creative and loose systems that lived inside my head - with Kylea’s support and patience we have created a well oiled individualised and bespoke system that is out of my head and into the perfect programs that have cleared up space for me to do more of what I love instead of draining my energy with managing the loose ends and frayed edges that were keeping me tied up and creatively stifled.

I feel like I now have the support and weekly rhythms that are held by a virtual blessing of a woman that lives up to her biz name of bringing the sanity so I can do the insanely fun stuff I love in my business so it can be of greater and more efficient service!

Can’t recommend Kylea and the virtual sanity she provides more highly!

Callie - Callie Brown Coach

A complete joy to work with!

Not only are Virtual Sanity’s services efficient and reliable, Kylea goes above and beyond to ensure best support is always delivered.

Virtual Sanity has  gifted me, my business and family so much more time and space!

From editing and podcast scheduling to SM content creation and back end genius; this expert has helped me create incredible systems that literally ensure consistent connection and engagement AND a more sustainable and profitable business!

Kylea completes the tasks that I dread to do with ease and grace and she usually has them done in a matter of minutes!  Remarkable!

Choosing Kylea and all things Virtual Sanity has been such a game changer for me and my biz, it’s one I’m certain you won’t regret!

Kate - With Kate Darnell

"Just done my taxes. I should be in jail by Friday"

This would LITERALLY be me if I didn't have @virtual_sanity_va_and_imagery sorting out the absolute MESS that was my financials.

She is an absolute legend working out all the ways in which I randomly assigned things to other things and never kept receipts.

The best thing I ever did for my nervous system was hire Kylea to sort my shit out.  Legit!

And this is not sponsored at all - just wanted you all to know that I am becoming a grown ass woman and have things like 'bookkeeping' as one of my expenses now.

Hayley - Early Birdie Van

Why I love Kylea from Virtual Sanity:

  • She helps me untangle the info in my head and lay it out neatly on a spreadsheet so I can see at a glance where I’m at with my investments.

  • She is willing to get out of her comfort zone to learn what she needs to to manage my stuff.

  • She steps up to the plate and gets things done in a timely manner.

  • Her sense of humour and fun bubbles through our interactions.

  • She is honest, raw, beautiful and I love her.

Lianne - Freedomeffex

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