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Curious about what I can do for you

Brace yourself for a joy ride

First and foremost, my mission is simple - to bring a genuine smile to your face whilst helping regulate the intricacies of your nervous system.  Imagine the calming effect of knowing your books are balanced and your mundane backend tasks are taken care of.

Smile inducing skills
(include, but not limited to)

Bookkeeping Support

Small Business


  • Debtor control

  • Expense tracking

  • Quoting, invoicing & raising PO's

  • Bank reconciliations

  • Email inbox support

  • Calendar management

  • Client Communication

  • Data Entry

  • Proofreading

Podcast Management

Newsletter Management

  • Editing

  • Scheduling

  • Shownotes

  • Soundbite creation

  • Proofreading

  • Editing

  • Scheduling

Photographer Services

Wix Websites

  • Studio Ninja Setup

  • Album & Slideshow creation creation

  • Website build

  • Website maintenance

Why choose me as your VA?

  • Efficiency with a touch of Cosmic Wisdom:
    Your success is my top priority and I specialise in getting sh*t done with a blend of relentless efficiency and an unwavering trust in divine timing.  Because lets face it #shithappenssometimes, but we're here to  #rollwiththepunches and emerge stronger on the other side.  Through tears, tantrums & laughter - I'm here for it all!

  • Your Trusty Sounding  Board:
    Navigating the waters & backroads of entrepreneurship can be solitary, and that's where I come in as your ultimate sounding board.  As a sole trader, the journey can be lonely & sometimes you just need a fresh perspective. Consider me that impartial voice - here to bounce thoughts & ideas around and to help provide a dash of clarity  #iloveagoodbounceoff

  • No BS, All-Heart Approach:
    I live by a no BS approach to life because let's be real - life's too short for fluff.  A straightforward, honest approach is my go to.  And of course, a good sense of humour is non-negotiable.  After all, life's meant to be an epic adventure and a hearty laugh is the secret ingredient.

Why chose ME?

Ready to inject some efficiency, camaraderie, and laughter into your entrepreneurial journey?

Book your free 15 minute 'Vibe Compatibility' call

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