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'Beryl goes to Byron' - Prepping, Week Two!

Map of Australia with map book and pen

3 Sleeps to go before we hit the road!!! This week has been a ride. The nerves are HIGH but the excitement is HIGHER!

I figured I'd better get semi-serious and start planning a little. The map got pulled out & between that, google maps & wikicamps.... my first leg has been plotted.

I'm really winging this trip as I'm not completely sure how far I'm going to be comfortable travelling in a day, what I might come across that will want me to stay a little longer or what I think might be an epic spot, only to arrive to find a shithole. This really is going to be a magical mystery tour.

Apart from a bit of overnight stop planning for the first 6 nights, I've finished up at my day job for 6 weeks leaving a stack of notes behind, Hazels breakfast sardines stash has been stocked up (sardines in a bus.... jealous???), crudely mended the hole in my favourite stretchy onesie caused by an epic stack in the street a couple of years ago (my pride remains unmended), purchased a new eco-dyed tote bag for Hazels stuff from my talented friend Jill at Life Images by Jill because I wanted something beautiful to hang in Beryl, got Hazel sorted with a nail trim, tick prevention, and some magic potions from our friend Dr Be for her itchy paws, arranged some see-ya later catch ups with my fave peeps and piles of 'stuff' are forming around the flat to be packed into Beryl.

Hazels had lots of quality cuddles with her dad & I've had some quick lessons on where the oil & water goes in the bus. Any sort of breakdown is definitely my greatest fear. The boring important mechanical & electrical shit is NOT my area of expertise but I've got roadside assistance & a general trust that all will be fine. (What could go wrong?)

Tomorrow will be a full day of VA'ing and then I'll be in full swing packing before hitting the road on Wednesday.

Hope you have a great week & I'll catch you next week from South Australia.

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1 comentário

10 de abr. de 2023

I dont' think I've ever looked so forward to getting an email notification in my life! You can keep your sardines, but get your butt on the road!! x

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