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Byron to Burra - The hug collection is EPIC!!!

So technically I was only in the Byron area & didn't even go into Byron town itself. (This trip was never about the location, but all about the hug collection - how lucky am I that the hugs have been in some magnificent locations)

My time was spent recording a podcast with the fabulous Callie Coach, getting work done (whilst indulging in Cals homemade cupcakes which had the perfect icing to cake ratio), trying my first Matcha tea (tasted like chocolatey dirt & was too milky for my liking), wandering along the river & making fairy houses with Cals Miss 7, walking the beaches & exploring the streets of Brunswick Heads and basically just soaking up all the real life love the Brown family had to offer. (We shall not talk about the absolute flogging I received at the hand of Miss 7 whilst playing Connect 4. Lets just say the girl is good & the one time I won, she very smuggly informed me "I let you win" I'm embarrassed to confess I believe she was right)

From there it was on to Wingham (with a quick stop off at Kempsey where one of my clients was house sitting so a real life catch up was in order & of course another hug collected). Again Hazel & I were welcomed into the home of Kate Darnell (another client & friend) where work was done, board games were played, dog walks were had, coffee shop trips were made, Hazel was introduced to Chairman the cat (my big brave girl is hilariously scared of cats & small dogs), chats on the couch were indulged in, tea was drunk & my time was topped off with a wander through the nature reserve where I got to see the flying foxes & soak in all the beauty nature had to offer.

Next stop.... Norah Head where we were blessed with perfect weather to catch up with another friend Jacky in the morning, take a walk on the beach, drink coffee & chat about life over the past 3 years. Jacky organised a retreat I went to 3 years ago which without exaggerating, has changed the trajectory of my life. (If you're interested in hearing more, click on the podcast link)

One of my bestest friends Gats & her hubby Eggers came up from Sydney so we could spend some time together. Eggers gave Beryl a little once over (topped up her oil & arranged some radiator fluid), a delicious lunch was eaten, laughs were head, tears were shed, Hazel was loved on hard (including having her very own blanket provided so she was comfortable on the ground whilst we had lunch), we were gifted a little care package complete with treats & PJ's and the gratitude I feel towards the people I have in my life is overflowing.

From there it was on to Berrima. I braved a Westfield shopping centre carpark to pick up some supplies (Crossing the Nullabor solo was NOTHING compared to the fear of navigating said carpark) and conquered my nerves about getting around Sydney (which included highway hopping and a tunnel). The weather took a turn and I was driving through heavy rain and my overnight stopover in Berrima was WET!!! I have to confess to being a little disappointed about the weather as Berrima is so bloody pretty and I would've loved to have enjoyed a leisurely sunshiny stroll around the town & river walks but we donned the raincoats and ventured out regardless.

As the rain continued to pour, my friend Gee met me at a turnoff bay along the highway where we had a coffee & a catchup in Beryl (after hugs were had of course) before she led the way onto our final stop for the week at my Aunt & Uncles (Dean & Lianne) place in Burra. We got to finally meet their young grandson Ari who is cute AF, Hazel got introduced to Alfie the 7 month old Kelpie (who took quite a liking to my girl & would not stop trying to hump her), wet wanders through the farm were had and the heater in Beryl has been cranking coz it has gotten COLD!!!

What an incredible week we've had. So many hugs, laughs and love!!!

Next week we hit Victoria where I'll meet another client in person, catch up with a good friend and get to hug my 6ft+ 26 year old baby boy and I can't freaking wait!!

More pics to come.


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